AW 180 Power Amplifier

Audio Monoblock 1x180W

The Electrocompaniet AW 180 M monaural power amplifier represents the ultimate in sound reproduction.

This is what record producers and engineers, audiophiles and reviewers rely on to give them faithful reproduction of the master recording.

No matter how many words we use, the true capabilities of the AW 180 defies explanation. You simply have to listen to it.

And you will be hooked.

The FTT Floating Transformer Technology, capable of delivering twice the current of a conventional power supply, the state-of-the-art components and the balanced link enabling bridged mode with additional amplifiers make the AW 180 M a unique, standout product.

Technical specifications
€ 4 899

AW 250-R Power Amplifier

Audio Stereo 2x250W

The Electrocompaniet AW250R power amplifier is known for its uncoloured and excellent reproduction qualities. From the first note of any familiar recording, you will be captivated by the AW250R and by the musical enjoyment it will give you.

The AW250R incorporates such refined features as: FTT (Floating Transformer Technology) power supply, capable of delivering twice the current of conventional power supply designs, as well as first class overall circuit design and state-of-the-art components.

Compared to more expensive High-End power amplifiers with lesser performance, you will truly cherish the AW250R. The Electrocompaniet AW250R features a balanced link to additional amplifier(s) for bi-amping. It can thus easily be used in bridged mode, delivering up to four times the power.

Technical specifications
€ 7 599

AW 400 Power Amplifier

Audio Monoblock 1x400W

The Electrocompaniet AW 400 is a really powerful monoblock amplifier that sounds both fast, clean, full-bodied and inherently musical. It has a dynamic, free-flowing grip on the music signal, delivering naturalness and ease no matter the signal level.

The AW 400 is based on the design philosophies of the highly acclaimed AW 180M, being a turbocharged version of the latter, if you will.

State-of-the-art components and uncompromising sonic and mechanical quality makes the AW 400 a natural cornerstone in a truly discerning high-end music system.

Its amazing stability down to a staggering 0,5 Ohms means it can drive whatever speaker load you choose to throw at it with an ease that is hard to find anywhere else.

Technical specifications
€ 6 599

AW 600 Power Amplifier

Audio Monoblock 1x600W

The Electrocompaniet Nemo AW 600 monaural power amplifier is our ultimate achievement in amplifier design and sound reproduction. How this amplifier can make your music collection live, breathe and be three-dimensionally and musically present in your listening room has to be heard to be believed.

It really sets a standard for reproduction of music.

That is how good it is.

Now, find a chance to hear it for yourself!

Technical specifications
€ 8 999

ECI 80D Integrated Amplifier

Available for demo

The ECI 80D is Electrocompaniet brand new integrated amplifier. The new ECI 80D offers 2 x 80 Watts into 8 Ohms, using an in-house developed Class A/B Amplifier.

We have equipped it with a built-in RIAA pre-amplifier for your LP player (MM cartridge support), 2-way Bluetooth HD for both streaming from your iOS, Android unit, Mac, or PC, and also HD streaming to your High-end headphones. And of course a 5-input DAC (3 Toslink, 2 COAX)

Technical specifications
€ 2 999

ECI 6 MKII Integrated Amplifier

The new ECI 6 MKII is a powerful integrated amplifier equipped with 4 analogue inputs. The ECI 6 MKII offers 2 x 125 Watts and is based on the successful ECI 5 MK II. To enhance it, we have equipped the ECI 6 MKII with an even better power supply and a more sophisticated preamplifier module.

As a result we can offer you an extremely substantial and dynamic amplifier, capable of controlling a wide range of speakers on the market.

Technical specifications
€ 5 499

ECI 6 DX MKII Integrated Amp/DAC/Streamer

Available for demo

The new ECI 6 DX MKII combines a best-in-class feature set with cutting edge audio technology and true Electrocompaniet sound.

This single unit is able to play whichever, wherever and whatever audio source you may have, and makes it sound like music was meant to be sounding.

Technical specifications
€ 6 490

EC 4.8 MKII Reference Preamplifier

With its outstanding performance, excellent resolution, superb control and precise musical reproduction, we have made a preamplifier that is true to our slogan, “Closing the gap to the master”. Our new two-channel EC 4.8 MKII preamplifier enhances the predecessor, and is sure to make all good power amplifiers sound even better!

Technical specifications
€ 4 199

ECP 2 MKII Phono Stage

Available for demo

With the renewed international enthusiasm for the vinyl format, a world-class phono preamplifier or RIAA stage is more important in a reference setup than ever before.

The ECP2-MKII has become a new favorite of reviewers and enthusiasts alike. A benchmark product in its price bracket, much like other Electrocompaniet products.
It incorporates state-of-the-art instrumentation and operational amplifiers and highest quality discrete components in the signal path. Of course it is all DC coupled.

The ECP2-MKII introduces new chassis and front plate design, in line with our other products in the Classic Line.
It will make your vinyl records sing like no other phono preamplifier we know of, and it seems the industry agrees with us.

Technical specifications
€ 2 299

ECM 1 MKII High End DAC and Music Streamer

The new ECM 1 MKII is a DAC and music streamer. With the brand new, in-house developed streaming software and app, it plays lossless, DSD and high-resolution digital content in a way that really makes you want to dig deeper into all the delightful music out there.

Technical specifications
€ 4 499

EMC 1 MKV Reference CD player

Since 1998, Electrocompaniet has produced one of the best sound­ing CD players on the market, the EMC 1 UP. The new EMC 1 MKV builds upon this legacy and refines by using a new drive unit.

The MKV also introduces updated electronics for better sonic perfor­mance, new mechanics for more rigid construction and brand new chassis with updated design to be in line with the new MKII edition of our other products.

Technical specifications
€ 5 999

EC Living

TANA SL2 Speaker & streamer

A Premium wireless speaker. Reinvented.

The 2nd generation TANA SL2 is an all-in-one solution. A wireless loudspeaker, an amplifier, and an audio streamer. It can play music from your collection or files from the Internet. Control is easy, either via our app or a web browser. On its own it is a perfect companion to bring music to the kitchen, home office, or living room. Combine it with the active loudspeaker TANA L2 to create a wireless HiFi stereo system.

You can also add the SIRA L-1 to add even more depth to the setup.

Technical specifications
€ 1 699

TANA L2 Add-on speaker

Add-on wireless speaker. Reinvented.

The 2nd generation TANA L2 is an add-on wireless loudspeaker to be used to enhance the TANA SL2 and create a HiFi stereo system. The TANA L2 is built on our own Class AB amplifier and sophisticated signal processing. Because in the end, music really matters.

You can also add the TANA L2 to add even more depth to the setup.

Technical specifications
€ 1 499

SIRA L-1 Wireless subwoofer

Use the SIRA L-1 to upgrade your EC Living system, adding even more punch, drive, and palpability, wirelessly! Even though this model has all the power of big subwoofers, it is both compact in size and elegant. Quite remarkable for a subwoofer!

Technical specifications
€ 1 999
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